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Ball Pit area of Mini Bouncer. Additional $10 to add the balls.Mini Bouncer- daily rental is $60. (14.4L x 8.2W x 7H) You can add the balls for an additional $10.This unit is ideal for Community Centers, Carports, Large Bonus Rooms & Two Car Garages.
Indoor/Outdoor Bouncer- daily rental is $90.(12L x 13W x 8H). This bouncer is good for Community Centers, Two Car Garages & Large Bonus Rooms, in the event of Cold Weather and/or Rain.Basketball goal inside of Extra Large bouncer.Extra Large bouncer, larger than the primary bouncers & comes with a basketball inside for added fun. Daily rental $115.

Big Boy combo- daily rental (dry)- $200. Daily rental (wet)- $250. This unit comes with a basketball goal inside for added fun. Measurements: 36L x 13W x 14H

Stairs inside of the Medieval comboPool for the Big Boy ComboBasketball goal and stairs inside of the Big Boy ComboMedieval Combo- daily rental is $125. (24L x 13W x 16H)Sunshine Bounce House/ Combo (32'L x 12'W x 15'H)- daily rental is $175. When used as a waterslide the daily rental is $225. This bouncer is a 4-in-1 unit. The kiddos can bounce, play basketball, slide as well as water play. Call to reserve today!Stairs inside of the Sunshine Combo
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